Technologies & Frameworks

When it comes to software development one size never fits all. We bring a range of different technologies together to build systems that exceed our clients' expectations...

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Website tree graph Micrsoft .Net & SQL Server

We have over 10 years experience developing with the Microsoft suite of .Net products including MVC Framework (C#), Web API 2.0, ASP.Net and Classic ASP (vbscript) as well as extensive experience creating and managing SQL Server Databases. We also enjoy the odd desktop application development using techonology such as Win Forms and Silverlight.

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Overlapping user interface forms icon PHP & MySQL

A lot of the systems we've inherited over the years have been developed using PHP & MySQL. We'd spend probably 50% of our working week using this technology so whilst we love developing using .Net we're also happy to work with alternative languages. We have systems on a range different frameworks including Native PHP, Yii, SilverStripe, CakePHP, Zend and Code Ignitor

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User interface icon Version Control, Building & Testing

These days our preferred technology for version control is definitely Git as it integrates well with all our projects not just the .Net ones. However we have extensive previous experience with both MS Team Foundation Server and Subversion (SVN). Every project we work on is under version control to provide the flexibility of rollbacks and also deployments to some of our staging, pre-production and production servers in a seamless manner. We also have experience with Continuous Integration systems and Unit Testing.

JS, Html5 and CSS3 logos

Cog icon Single Page Applications (SPAs)

We love creating SPAs and other similar ajax based functionality to make websites and Content Management Systems quicker and more intuitive for end users. We have extensive experience with jQuery, AngularJS, HTML5 and CSS3. We also love using Twitter Bootstrap for responsive designs and layouts.

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Website tree graph N-Tier Application Architecture

The world isn't flat and neither are our code-bases! We have a high standard of coding practices and this includes making sure our projects are well architected to ensure they're flexible and extensible. This reduces coding errors (bugs) and makes troubleshooting quicker and easier because we set up our code systematically regardless of the technology we're using. It also means we can create multiple front-end applications within the one system without duplicating the code in the backend.