Website Development Solutions

We currently have two clients who sell websites, they're not our competitors though. We build and maintain the systems that they use to build their clients' sites...

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Gear Icon Behind the Scenes

A lot of the work we undertake at Tempting Technology is behind-the-scenes, we specialise in complex Content Management Systems (CMS), bookings and online transactions, database migrations and website upgrades and redevelopments. This includes two clients that offer website development services in their own right - that is to say; we manage and develop the web applications that they use to build their clients' websites.

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Paint brush icon Website Design

Your website will be created using the latest responsive technology to ensure that it displays perfectly on any screen size. Typically the overall look and feel of a website is only a small component of our day-to-day work at Tempting Technology; we have several contract designers available to us to build the initial templates and then we work our magic to turn it into a fully functional site.

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Gear icon Content Management Systems (CMS)

A well designed CMS can mean the difference between a hard day at the office and a productive day at the office! We love the challenge of making your system work for - anything you need we can build. We can create Single Page Applications for fast responsive management of your data using technologies such as AngularJS. We can also integrate a range of productivity tools suchs as Rich Text Editors, Drag & Drop Functionality, Multi-Image Upload as well as Graphing and Reporting functionality.

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website tree graph 3rd Party Integration

We can help you fit all the pieces together! We have a wealth of experience intregrating 3rd party software including mail delivery systems such as Mail Chimp, Mandrill and Traction. We can configure Credit Card Payment Gateways and PayPal if your site requires secure payments. We can also provide single sign-on integration for your website login using accounts such as Facebook, Google and LinkedIn

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Gear icon Website Hosting Services

We offer a range of hosting services for both .Net and PHP based web applications these include small to medium hosting with a reliable and competively priced Australian hosting provider or larger scale hosting with either Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft's Azure platform, this can include features such as edge-caching (CDN) for images and web-pages as well as DNS management and email services.